Building a True to Texas Event Series to Increase Brand Love and Awareness of Sustainability Mission with Local Consumers


Ozarka challenged Legend to develop an authentic, True to Texas campaign to drive brand awareness, engagement and buzz, educating local consumers that Ozarka is 100% natural spring water from Texas, as well as the brand’s commitment to recycling and sustainability through a 100% recycled plastic bottle (rPET). But to accomplish it during a global pandemic.


Ozarka celebrates the traditions of Texas, so to provide consumers a unique, authentic and safe experience, Legend reignited a long-standing Texas institution that highlighted the brand’s community roots: the inaugural Ozarka Drive-in Film Festival. The six-event, six-week series in three key markets (Dallas, Austin, and Houston) featured all-time favorite Texas films – voted on by Texans themselves – as well as three branded short films created by local Texas students, which debuted at the film festival and showcased Ozarka’s Texas heritage and the natural beauty of the brand’s home state.


The program drove nearly 150MM online, print and broadcast earned media impressions, with cross promotional social posts from local partners adding to the community connections the brand values so deeply. All of which helped Ozarka connect with current and new consumers in an authentic and safe way.
Legendary Placement