As a leader in over-the-counter cold and flu relief products, consumers have trusted MUCINEX to help navigate when they are sick and how to get well. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, the brand felt called to help separate fact from fiction, and Legend was charged in helping to share those facts with consumers nationwide.


MUCINEX launched a three-phased campaign and commissioned award-winning international artist, Noma Bar to create evocative and attention-grabbing graphic images which illustrated expert advice for fighting COVID-19 such as ‘Spread Facts not Fear’ and ‘Be a Boring Hero.’  To amplify the imagery and messaging Legend worked to conduct broad scale earned media outreach and partnered with influencers to create authentic content across social media.

While planning the third creative phase of the public information campaign, ‘Back to Normal is Up to You,’ MUCINEX and Legend followed the CDC’s updates on the spread/surge of COVID-19, paying close attention to states that were emerging as new viral hotspots. With the warmer weather in the South driving crowds of people to the beaches of Florida, we created

a disruptive IRL outdoor activation.  With the goal of encouraging Floridians and Americans to simply wear a mask in order to help get things back to normal, MUCINEX activated at the state’s crowded and unmasked beaches with giant MASKED sand sculptures created by local sand artists launching during World Mask Week in Miami.


At each stage, Legend helped amplify key and factual messages, and calls-to-action in consumer and business media, through a suite of earned media tactics and activations. The three-phased campaign netted more than 500MM earned media impressions, and helped a country reeling in a pandemic to separate fact from fiction.
Legendary Placement